Milestone Onwards Limited (MOL) defines a sense of pride along with the reliability that every client appreciates. MOL provides premium devices that fulfill your clear cut mobile and portable device demand and solutions.
We provides Most of the leading brands on the market from mobile computers, Smart Phones, tablets, wearable devices, health devices, payment terminals for enterprise tablets. Etc.

With an innovative and experimental spirit, Milestone Onwards Limited has applied logical extension to portable devices and created a working lifestyle which allows users to be flexible with the technology, enterprise customers to maximize their investments, improve workforce productivity and manage performance in the most efficient way.

As we move to greater heights in the sphere of information technology, the demands on the personal computer increase. We at Milestone Onwards Limited (MOL), cater to this requirement. We address the needs of enterprises with reliable desktop power, the requirements with budget computers and for the gaming enthusiast with sheer power, along with
minimal downtime for the business user. We are Uganda’s first base to offer customized solutions for your computing requirements. Personal computers built to order, backed by the internationally acclaimed quality standards of technology.
We Offer state-of-the-art customized desktops, notebooks, workstations, tablet computers, and hand held storage devices. Any and all requirements can be met through the customization process as a fully-pledged company, we back our devices with warrantty and service, giving you peace of mind. Our warrants are fully certified in the region.

Milestone Onwards Limited (MOL) deploys voice over internet protocol systems. We have deployed technologies such as voice/ video over internet protocol and internet protocol version. We maintain wireless networks over kilometers of unforgiving terrain.
Any information technology solution is only as strong as the foundation it was laid on. We at Milestone Onwards Limited (MOL) define this and cater for it.

Be it a network of five users or five thousand, it can perform only as well as its design and workmanship. Recognized by our product leaders and partners like Cisco, D-Link, Systemax and Marshal Trufflex, for our experience and skill sets in this field, we have designed complex systems in Uganda today, capable of high-speed data access, Redundancy failover and security. As the information technology world grows, so must the foundation it was laid on.

We understand very well that all the computing power in the world is laid to waste if you do not have reliable access to it. We believe in our networks and their design enough to guarantee them for 20 Years. Management and control becomes simple through our network solutions. With capable of self-diagnosis at cable level, you can pinpoint the errors before they can cause further harm. Our support personnel ensure decades of trouble free service. Our customers can vouch for the reliability of the networks we have designed for them.
Active devices on a network give control to the flow of data, our skilled personnel are able to optimize these to give you control over every little packet of data that shows through these systems.

Being resellers with a number of major IT manufacturers, Distributors and dealers, we are progressively and actively involved in selling and deploying a number of products ranging from;

Computer System.
(Desktops, Workstations, Security appliances, LAN stations and servers, thin client with a full set of services including installation and maintenance) server and Virtualization Solutions.
Super scalable server and server appliances for tower or rack mount environment, internal system expancitric virtualization solutions.

Our storage range from; storage area network (SAN), disk arrays, network-attached storage (NAS), tape and automated backup, server-based storage, disks, storage media, DVD and CD products.

From the ever popular Microsoft environment, to Unix systems. From basic requirements for single processor systems to the complex RISC based multiprocessor environments. Milestone Onwards Limited (MOL) deploys and maintains RISC based computing environments. From security solutions for single users to enterprise security systems. Our experience has taught us how to handle the mission critical systems with professionalism and care. We understand very well that hardware and software environments are intertwined together, and one cannot perform without the other. Our products in this line include Microsoft, Kaspersky, Etc.

Milestone Onwards Limited (MOL) is proud of its technology in payment solutions. We attribute this success to robust technology backed by a strong support mechanism. Our relationships with top brands creates strength of our solution both in software and hard ware. These enable us to offer state-of-the-art hardware, software, tools and services for a seamlessly integrated solution. As these networks grow even further, MOL is able to monitor them remotely using a suite of products available. Our payment solutions incorporate secure payment terminals with contactless or biometric capabilities, EMVsolutions, central management of transactions and merchant services – all updated in real time service delivery channel.

We at Milestone Onwards Limited (MOL) understand and cater for a large variety of printing solutions. Be it for personal use, enterprise use or quality and speed – we have it covered. We can provide technologically advanced time tested Xerox printers, HP printers, network printers, which can cater for hundreds of people at a time, a personal printer to print your family’s pictures. Tally Genicom printers that can print millions of characters non-stop for weeks continuously. Xerox copiers for every size of paper and requirement, giving you the lowest cost per print in Uganda, the latest series of multifunctional devices catering to your scanning, printing, faxing and copying needs.
All these printers require consumables, and we ensure that our customers have a ready supply of it, including the paper you print on. We can take away all your document related issues and provide you with a hustle free document solution, where the equipment, toner, spares and personnel becomes our problem and all you do is enjoy good quality prints. All this backed by our support team. We also lease our machines (printers) to clients who have temporary projects at ease.

Milestone Onwards Limited (MOL) excels at matching our clients with fully vetted, skilled
IT consultants who are subject matter experts in their area of speciality. You benefit by way of targeted knowledge, exceptional performance and increased productivity. Our ability to provide a rapid response to client needs with expert IT professionals helps ensure that our clients can save time, keep current projects on schedule, confidentialy plan for upcoming projects and reduce overall costs. Companies that deploy our IT Consultant services continually receive high value.
Our sales engineers understand complex technology and IT requirements, which gives us unsurpassed ability to quickly identify and deliver
the best consultant match for your exact needs and significantly reduce your timeline.
We offer a number of consultant engagement models (contract, SOW, etc.) which give you the
flexibility to utilize our consultants’ expertise in the manner that best meets your business strategy.
Our IT consultants are well qualified in their respective technology fields and possess extensive experience in a variety of environments. At Milestone Onwards Limited (MOL) we keep our promise to respond to your technical requirements quickly and with uncommon competency.

Our Major Product lines